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A sign of the upcoming cooler months is bringing in some firewood to burn in a fireplace. The easiest seasonal upgrade is to store it in a stylish way. Keep reading for some ideas to inspire your own setups.

Decorative Basket

A basket may be used as a firewood storage bin and adds a punch of pattern

Staggered niches

Built-niches are staggered around the fireplace and television. In the summertime, when you aren’t using the fireplace and don’t need to store any wood, just fill the niches with other decorative objects and florals

Extended shelf

A woodburning stove resting on a complementary metal platform that extends beyond and which holds stacks of firewood is both an old-world design and new, mixing modern, industrial senibilties with rustic, unfuss-y elements.

Repurposed bookshelf

A creative way to store your logs is in a bookshelf. Talk about creativity.

Custom Cubby

It’s a good idea to create a firewood storage unit specifically for placement next to the fireplace since, in addition to the exposed log display’s aesthetic appeal, it might be the only object that fits in the peculiar space between the fireplace surround and adjacent wall.

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