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If you’ve landed here, it’s because your love for design brought you in (perhaps you’ve heard about us and stumbled upon this piece). That’s awesome because we share that passion, although we must clarify it’s for design, not necessarily for this particular writeup.

Our obsession with design is real—like, very real.

Summing up our mission in a nutshell: we thrive on blending the classic and the contemporary to craft something timeless and curated. Our approach involves mixing everything with flair—except for moderation.

From New York to Vancouver, Toronto to Alberta let’s embark on this journey together. While our roots are in Edmonton, Alberta, much like outstanding fashion or that perfect cup of coffee, we are globally accessible and available.

Those familiar with us might describe us as two-faced, but in the best possible way. By day, we function as a comprehensive residential and mixed- commercial interior design studio. By night, we transform into your ultimate lifestyle destination, offering everything from bespoke furnishings to carefully curated art, styling treasures. These gems are sourced from talented local vendors and artisans spanning the globe. We believe in keeping things exhilarating.


Our design offerings harness the collective creativity of Pria Rajput and her team of designers—our distinct tastes, unwavering passion, and keen eyes. Regardless of the project at hand, our primary focus is on creating a story. This principle lies at the heart of our mission: crafting spaces that are not only visually appealing but also tangible and authentic. After all, if a space doesn’t evoke the right feelings, what’s the purpose?

The neutral color palettes, raw elements, and the diverse array of curated art featured in some of our most memorable designs tend to linger in people’s memories, and we take immense pride in that. However, just because we cherish each project like a parent does their child, it doesn’t mean we bring them to every play date. We aren’t interested in recycling old ideas or blindly following trends.

What you can anticipate from a Black Label Designs Collective is an ever-evolving vision, innovative approaches, and inspired ideas. It might sound a bit abstract, but we believe that good design is a dynamic and ever-shifting entity. If there’s trust between us and our clients, the result will be something we can genuinely love for a lifetime.


In 2019, our itch for product development, and the art of curating unique pieces culminated in the creation of Black Label Designs Collective.When you shop here, you’re not just acquiring items; you’re infusing any space and anyone with a curated-cool aesthetic. 

Designer Pria Rajput working on a project.
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