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Why is it that when you really want to indulge yourself and have a good time with your family or friends or step out for a romantic dinner date you don’t choose a random restaurant but one with a great ambience?

A good dining experience is not just about good food but also a good vibe that allows you to not only indulge in your favorite food but also the overall experience.

And that’s why the interiors of your restaurant have a huge role to play in building your brand and getting your customers to keep coming back for more.

Here are some tips for a beautiful and stylish restaurant interior design that is sure to woo your customers:


1. Always Offer a Warm Welcome

You have to set the stage for an incredible dining experience from the moment your guest walks through the door. That’s why ideal interior design focuses on the entryway of the restaurant, giving inviting and esthetically pleasing vibes. We all know how much we despise waiting in line for our favorite seats and food, but this pain can be reduced if the waiting area is a treat for the eyes.

The beautiful entrance can come in the form of unique signage, a dramatic grand door, or an elegant host station. Guests should transport to the world your restaurant has created as soon as they approach the door.


2. Stick To A Theme

The interior setting and theme of your restaurant often end up becoming your USP that sets you apart from other restaurants.

It’s best to stick to one theme for the entire restaurant. Modern, contemporary and bohemian are some of the themes you can go for. Alternatively, you could pick themes such as nature, wildlife, beach shacks, rustic countryside etc. and build your interiors around that.

The entire space of your restaurant should create an aura of the theme you chose. All the furniture, tapestry, and light pieces should complement the theme.

If you cannot find suitable pieces to go with your restaurant theme in the market, it’s best to get a good interior designer to design custom pieces for you rather than picking up random items.


3. Nature is Your Best Friend

Incorporate greens in your design and it can never go wrong. Plants and flowers are a great way to revamp your interior and give your guests an organic vibe. You can change the setting or some of the plants every week or month (if your budget allows).

Whether you want to go all in or just give it a slight touch of nature is your personal choice. Some prefer to have a huge wall full of tufts, vines and lush herbs while others prefer just potted plants beside every table, along the walls, or a small vase with flowers on every table.

What’s more! Not only do they enhance the ambience of the place, but also improve the air quality! Not to mention, you will not have to worry about installing a photo booth either!


4. Honor The Classics

Vintage, retro and classic interior design styles never go out of style and can make you stand out from the crowd in no time.

Promise to keep the authenticity of the era you choose in your design and you will outshine your competitors very quickly.

So essentially, you need to pick the right textures, prints and color palette to get this vibe right. But remember not to go overboard. Moreover, the comfort of your customers comes first. So find the perfect blend between the old and the new to create the right ambience!


5. Curate Your Light Fixtures

What do all the amazing restaurant designs have in common?… It’s the stunning light fixtures and lighting!

Experimenting with your lighting scheme can really complement the ambience of your restaurant. Not to forget, nowadays, people love to put up photos of their food and food soirees on social media.

So you have to give them the right lighting to get those shots right. Afterall, it’ll also get you some good social media promotion absolutely free!

One thing’s for sure. You should not underestimate the ambience of your restaurant if you want to stand out and build a loyal army of customers. It’s best to take professional help, so you can truly take hospitality to the next level.

To get started, you can always choose to do a consultation restaurant interior design in Vancouver, and restaurant design in Edmonton with renowned interior designers like who are known for their bespoke designs.

So, what’re waiting for? Let your restaurant makeover begin NOW

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