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A coffee table certainly serves a useful purpose, whether you use it to set drinks or put your feet up, but it also contributes significantly to the aesthetic of your living room. A coffee table not only makes your furniture arrangement look finished, but it also serves as a place to display valuable items. Regardless of whether you want a little organised chaos or want things to be as simple as possible, you’re bound to come across at least one suggestion that will help you restyle your coffee table.


1. Add greenery

Greenery at the center of your living room can instantly make the living room more lively. You can use real or faux plants to achieve this effect

2. Leave a book open

Instead of adding your coffee table book to the stacked pile on the table, consider keep it open on your favourite page.

3. Classic tapered candles

Tapered candles can add height to your coffee table display

4. Center the metallics

Make a metallic item the centerpiece of your coffee table and surround it with book stacks and tiny objects you love

5. Bring in Fruits

Add a pop of colour to your coffee table by displauing a bowl of your favoruite fruits. A fake display will be easier to maintain, but a real assortment makes for a snack that is easy to get

6. Think outside of the box

Instead of the regular modern coffe table, use a creative table such as cylinders that can easily be moved around. Add colorful accents like flowers and books to stand out against the white base

7. The bold lantern

A lantern makes more of a statement than a simple candle

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