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In the reality of the day to day life, bathrooms inevitability get taken overy by toothbrushes, towels, hairbrushes and more. It does’t have to be this way. To achieve the perfect bathroom, here are a few tips.


1. Eliminate the unwanted

The most crucial step in maintaining your bathroom sleek and appealing is getting rid of the extra products that you don’t use. Hoarding them isn’t helping anyone, you will never use them, trust us. Toss the products that you don’t use, and move those that are used rarely to a nearby closet.

2. Cover up

Cover up the product packaging. You may use a refilalable soap dispenser and a tissue box cover. Plus, you may benefit of buying liquid soap in bulk to save money and avoid wasteful packaging

3. Add flowers

Fresh flowers always brighten a bathroom when in doubt. Put a few modest flowers in a tiny vase or include something that needs moisture, like an orchid. The display will appear “styled” if at least a quarter of the items are purely aesthetic rather than practical.

4. Bring in baskets

Baskets are ideal for storing items that are used often because you can pull the basket out and put it on the counter while you loook for something, then tuck the basket back into place after you’re done. Consider putting the items that are used daily in one basket, rather than separating everything strictly by type. The easier it is to find essential products, the more likely you are to not make a mess on the counter.

5. Wash and fold

One of the best uses for open shelves is to store towels, particularly white or solid colours ones. When stacked correctly, they have a hotel-chic appearance, but they also look fashionable when placed loosely or rolled up spa-style.

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