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My name is Pria Rajput, Principal Designer and CEO of Black Label Designs (BLD). My world has constantly been surrounded by art. For as long as I can remember, my mind has focused on finding creative outlets. Growing up, I enrolled in art during middle school, specializing in clay sculpting and canvas paintings.

In high school I studied architecture, which led to studying architectural technology, leading to opportunities to freelance with agencies, creating set designs and storyboards, curating makeup and hair looks and acting as a team lead.

I gained expert knowledge in creative interior design, unique brand marketing abilities, and 3D rendering design, a rare combination!

Over the years, I have worked in various project management and design roles within Alberta and British Columbia. Some of my experience includes designing with the City of Edmonton, Sustainability Department,  as a Junior Space Planner and Architectural Technologist, where I designed furniture plans and managed to track information for all buildings owned by the City.

I then grew and moved to a CAFM Architectural Drafter and Space Planner position at the University of Alberta Institute.

I was responsible for multi-million dollar projects that ranged from designing and redesigning institutional spaces to tracking space, site verification, creating room numbering schematics, and institutional building drawings.

I acted as a “space keeper” as every pocket of space owned by the University of Alberta was managed and tracked. As a creative outlet, I partnered with Synced Interactive, a digitally interactive technology company to rebrand and strategize its business model and reach its ultimate business goals. Acting as a team lead for closing deals with high-profile organizations and space planning to implement digital technology products.

With my experience working in these various roles, I became a Principal Designer/ Managing Partner at a design at Black Label Designs.

I have combined my technical skills and creativity to provide full-service building and interior design services for clients and help create their dream space come true.”

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