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The major paint companies shared their expectations for the popping colours for the next year. The different colours seem to fall in one of three categories: soft neutrals, warm pink shades and rich, deep-blue greens.


1. Vinning ivy by PPG and Glidden

The dark blue-green that gives the cozy and welcoming vibe is expected to be a trend. This handsome aqua emerald colour can be used to create an accent entrance to your home, as shown here.

2. Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards

Warmers colour like this shade of pink below are making headway. Terra Rose by Dunn-Edwards is a cinnamon-rose hue that’s a fresh take on more neutral browns and burgundies

3. Red ended Point by Sherwin William

If you’re into the cooler pinks, red ended point by Sherwin William may be a better suit for you. It’s a medium dark sand colour, which makes it neutral, but it has a soft coral pink undertone that gives it a twist.

4. Rasberry blush by Benjamin Moore

Another warm pink colour to add to your palette. Super bold and super vibrant, this is your way to make a statement in your home. In public areas of the house where an energetic vibe is desired, this may be the colour you want to add to a bit of life to the room.

5. Blank Canvas by Behr

If you’re looking for a blank slate for this upcoming year, why not go for the blank canvas by behr? This neutral colour may be the fresh start you’re looking for not only in your life but also in your living room

This white has a warm cast, making it versatile enough to be paired with almost any other colour of your choice. Yet, its touch of warmth does make it strong enough to be used as the dominant colour for the room.

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