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Who wouldn’t desire a warm, inviting home for their visitors, especially after the prolonged halt in social gatherings caused by COVID? Definitely no one. Many homeowners are looking for ideas to help them make their homes holiday-ready. Here are a few design features ideas.

1.  Guest friendly details

The drinks station. During this time of the year, everyone wants to sip on a drink while they emerge in conversations and catch-up. Whether it’s a coffee or wine, homeowners need some storage for it.

A kitchen coffee station is a great feature for guests and homeowners You may even create a drink stations in your kitchen that includes room for your coffee and drinks  

2. Cozy living room features

During all seasons, a fireplace is a great addition to a living room, but the winter holidays make it even more desired and useful

3. Entertaining elements

Everyone has a different idea of what home entertaining looks like. However, there are a few components that will undoubtedly promote a lively atmosphere
The theatre lounge space to watch all your favourite Christmas movies

A luxurious pool table not only adds an elegant touch to the room but also lots of fun

4. Round tables

When hosting large dinners during the holidays, you will want to have intimate conversations with your guests. Because everyone is seated facing one another, a round table occasionally fosters more personal or engaging interactions.


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