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Learning a little about each of the styles and how they differ from one another is a fantastic place to start when planning an interior design project. With the list forever evolving, there are countless types to pick from — yet there are those that remain timeless and continue to stand out. Below, we’ve put together a list of four basic but brilliant interior design styles.



Traditional design is by far the most enduring interior style; combining timeless and well-defined elements that celebrate long, rich history of the past. This design aesthetic boasts comfort, coziness, and an easy elegance that’s never standoffish or austere. Layering, formality, and introducing elements with structure and symmetry are all key to achieving the basics of traditional home styling.



Simplicity, ultra-clean lines, subtle refinement, and the intentional use of texture are all the fundamentals of contemporary interior design. It brings together classic, timeless elements by juxtaposing them with more current, modern pieces in a decidedly seamless manner. Most contemporary interiors will use a black, white, and neutral color scheme, with touches of bold accent colors introduced occasionally to create a striking contrast.



Devoid of distractions or clutter, minimalist interiors feature simple forms, ultra-clean lines, streamlined furnishings, and a neutral color scheme that gives the eyes a wonderful sense of warmth and coolness. Inspired mostly by Japanese design and Zen philosophy, this design style focuses on the notion of less is more — making it a favorite among homeowners who love an open floor plan, lots of light, monochromatic palette, and texture of just a handful of essential elements.


Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style is a somewhat improved version of the traditional “shabby creative” design, and it sits at the perfect intersection of timelessness and easily updateable style. With its gentle neutral earth tones, natural materials, and casual architecture immersed in texture, it enables for calm nature to permeate indoors. The modern farmhouse design is rustic yet refined and evocative of a well-lived life.

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