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Too often in interior design, distinctive architectural features are commonly used to create an elevated design statement — however, the right décor, lighting, flooring, and wall adornment can transform the look and feel of your entryway into a disarmingly charming space. Put your best foot forward with these tips to create a scheme that makes an instant impact.



To get started, it’s essential to take a fresh, new look at your overall interior space. Scanning the entryway from left to right as you walk in and establishing where the eye naturally focuses will assist you in deciding how much or how little décor you need. And once you’ve found the spot, focus your decorating efforts there.



Consider your overall lighting scheme and how you can illuminate various areas in addition to the natural light at your entry. In a bigger entryway, a console table with a lamp can be an additional lighting point to an overhead light. A striking central fixture is an incredible way to create an interesting vignette and set a chic tone for your home aesthetic.



The foyer is perhaps the perfect spot to experiment with different flooring options, such as tile or timber floorboards. It’s also a fantastic way to introduce pattern and color with your flooring choice without making much of a commitment.



Art is a wonderful way to make the most of your space and can pull together a striking entryway that leaves a memorable impression. However, don’t only look at the walls when it comes to art. You can use this entry point to incorporate a sculptural piece too.

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