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Your everyday routine may be disrupted by a remodelling, regardless of size or cost. In addition to having contractors come and go from your house, you’ll also have a tonne of minor and large decisions to make, and, of course, financial considerations. Here are a few pieces of advices to set yourself up for a smooth renovation:


1 Look for inspiration, then set your expectations

An inspiration book is helpful, collect images of the look, materials, and ideas that represent what you dsire in your renovation. Keep an eye out on your neighbourhood to see what new renovations catch your eye. Once you know what you are looking for, you can enlist an architect to help you plan and design the project


2 Get an updated property survey

Architects and builders need to know your land boundaries in order to order to avoid violating a neighbor’s property. You need to have an updated property survey so you can predict what the potential setbacks are and what the zoning is for your community. Ideally, you get this information and share it with your architect at the beginning of your project.


3 Determine your financial gameplan

There are many financial resources designed to help ease the financial burden of a remodel such as the home equity line of credit (HELOC) and renovation loans from banks. First, determine what you qualify for. You don’t want to make plans and find out you cannot afford the loan.

Your contractor could also help you understand the financial implications of your remodel. If you communicate ideas with budgets in mind early on, it helps stress-wise. You can communicate your ideas with the contractor and they will be able to tell you if you’ll be able to afford it or not.


4 The dream team

In addition to the architect, the ideal renovation team includes the contractor, interior designer and the landscaper architect. Consult with people whom’s houses you like to see if they’d recommend potential contractors. You can also ask your architect or builder if they work with anyone specifically, since the project will be a collaborative effort. Consult with a few different people before making the final call.


5 Maintain an open line of communication with your remodel team

Take advtnage of the expertise of your team and ask your architect, builder, interior designer and landscape architect all your questions. Along with bringing your vision to reality, they can help you determine what’s worth spending on and where you could save. Consider scheduling weekly meeking with the entire group to track the progress, get the latest project updates and to help you stay on budget.


6 Order hardware, furnishing, and more as early as possible

Work with your contractor to figure out which subcontractors and products have the longest lead time, then try to order things in advance. If things don’t get delivered at the right time, it’s going to throw all of your subcontractors off schedule; it’s a domino effect.

Post-pandemic, people should expect to pay 20 or 30 percent more than they’re used to because of supply chain issues and plan for longer delivery times as well. Your interior designer might love a specific tile but it’s a year out. Do you really have time to wait?

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