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For anyone who has a fine taste in interiors and likes to keep up with the latest design trends, it is important to keep up with the trending color palettes, furniture and other decor elements that are all the rage at the moment.

Sometimes simple changes are all you need to transform or perk up your space and create a completely fresh vibe that reflects your mood or personal style.

Here are some inspiring interior design ideas for revamping your space:


1. Go minimalistic

Modern minimalism usually involves the use of clean lines and uniform color schemes. Geometrically arranged sofas, paintings that complement the shape of the room, and adequate light create those lines.

Use of parallel lines rather than curved lines while decorating the walls is another hallmark of minimalist interiors.

While the minimalist route involves sticking to two to three colors in the palette, to avoid making the space look bland, a statement piece, be it a furniture item, art or sculpture, is used to perk up that space.

All in all, a minimalistic setting helps create the illusion of an open space, making the area look bright and chic.


2. Bohemian vibes

The scope of experimenting is endless in the bohemian setting. You can use as many or as few colors and bling as you want. It is a mixture of different patterns and textures of ethnic origin. The designs used are inspired by heavy-duty velvet and suede material.

You can let your imagination go wild with bold paintings and art in this setting. The use of plants and colored or patterned pots adds authenticity to this theme.

Junk artistic pieces can also be used to infuse authenticity to this theme. Texture and patterns of the cloth material used in this space may include knitted or woven pieces along with some items made of jute.


3. Earthly tones for serenity

Rustic settings make eco-friendly living incredibly stylish. Not to forget, you can upcycle old family favorites too!

While designing keeping in mind this theme, the key things to note are wood accents, a neutral color palette, soft furnishing, and cozy textiles. This creates a realm of natural calm. The color palette should extend right up to the material you use for covers, sheets, and curtains.

By mixing some pieces of modern art, you can spice things a bit. Huge furniture such as a big wooden table can serve as a great way to make this theme look more genuine.


4. Modern with a hint of personal touch

By adding your personal taste to an original industrial design, you can make a cool fusion. A very good foundation to which you can add your favorite pieces.

Swapping the original light fixtures with a different item is another way to add a quirky twist.

Of course, when you do this, you still want to make sure that your two styles share some common ground like hues, patterns or metalwork. Otherwise, it could end up looking like a hot mess.


5. Go all-in with no regrets

This is the most experimental interior design trend of them all.  You can go all-in with bright colors, modern decor, statement pieces and what not!

The statement walls with geometric wallpapers set this room apart. Fiery red walls, bright blue curtains or a big bold pink couch; all of these can amplify the style quotient of your area.

Metallic accents can add a modern touch and a velvety bright couch can add contemporary vibes to complete this setting. Poufed rugs, patterns on the wall, and unique plant pieces can further enhance the liveliness of the space.

The point is to create a grand pomp and show of colors with bold prints and textures of a small nook within a big area to brighten up the whole ambience.


Need Some More Design Ideas Or Revamp Your Space?

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