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There are plenty of design trends to experiment with this year, from vibrant tones and repeated prints to biophilic design elements. Ahead we share modern interior design ideas for 2022 that you can try at home!


Fun and welcoming foyers

There’s nothing quite like a strong first impression, and professional interior designers predict that entryways — including foyers and mudrooms — will receive a lot of love and care this year. Because it’s the first room guests see when they enter your home, don’t be scared to make it spectacular! Aim for a stylish but friendly vibe using a bold feature wall, vintage rugs, art and sculptures, accent mirrors, books, or textured baskets.


Biophilic elements in living rooms

With so much time spent indoors in the last two years, it’s no surprise that biophilic design — a design concept focusing on introducing nature inside — is predicted to be a hot trend in 2022. While biophilic design has been popular in architecture for years, this year we’ll see more furnishings and decorative objects based on the concept, ensuring that everyone benefits from nature’s restorative qualities. Incorporate nature-inspired shapes, materials, colors, and textures into your living room or bring greenery in with planters and vases.


Luxe touches in bathrooms and kitchens

Home’s little luxuries — chic statement pieces in bathrooms and kitchens — will be all the rage in 2022. You can liven up your space with just a few luxe touches, making your décor feel bright, shiny, and new. Metallic elements, mirrored details, intricate backsplash tiles, timeless marble surfaces, and oversized accessories can always add a touch of sparkle and depth to the bathroom and kitchen.


Modern maximalism in bedroom settings

Minimalism has always been at the center of both contemporary and classical home design, but in recent years, maximalism has risen to the top. Perhaps it’s because we’ve all been trapped inside our homes throughout this never-ending pandemic and are yearning for something a little different — bright hues, repeating prints, striking geometric shapes, and so on — anything to make our eyes dance and be joyful while we’re confined inside staring at the same four walls.


Elevated indoor-outdoor living

Our outdoor spaces, like our interiors, have been compelled to live much beyond their square footage. Making the most of your green space, whether you have half an acre or a patio, is certainly a top consideration this year. As we spend more time entertaining outside, outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined, and our exterior environment will become extensions of our indoor décor.

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