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The value of a well-designed workplace keeps increasing, especially since thoughtful office interior design has been linked to greater employee productivity and wellbeing. We’ve had to reconsider what we need most from office spaces, as well as how their design can positively affect us, after a lengthy period of working from home.

Below are some of the top corporate interior design trends for 2022.


A sense of “home” at work

Current office interior design trends favor a more relaxed atmosphere, with many spaces embracing home comforts to create an environment that is both pleasant and productive. Cozy armchairs, beanbags, soft rugs, warm lighting, and distinctive artwork are just a few of the comfortable elements that we can connect with the home.


Biophilic design

Essentially, biophilic design involves introducing natural elements into the workplace. Every office, whether or not it has access to an outdoor area, can benefit from biophilic design. 2022 is the time to look towards incorporating more natural materials into our interior spaces. This can be accomplished by including water features and indoor greenery, as well as using materials such as wood, bamboo, or stone.


More natural lighting

Natural light, like the use of plants, can boost employee well‐being and productivity. A room will feel spacious, brighter, and airier if natural light is maximized and reflected using light wall colors. Installing artificial lighting that works well with natural light can also enhance workplace environments.


Sustainable solutions

Employees, employers, and designers alike are growing increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of building materials. Being eco-friendly means that every purchased product is carefully selected to have little to no negative environmental impact. Aside from environmentally friendly materials, office interior design should prioritize high-efficiency systems, use LED lighting, and promote natural light and passive ventilation.

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