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Your home’s personality is introduced to guests in a welcoming foyer, giving you the chance to create a chic first impression. It sets the tone for the rest of your house whether you welcome guests with a sparkling chandelier or a pleasant entrance with warm wood floors and a bouquet of flowers. You know what they say: you rarely get a second chase to make a good first impression so why not consider a few creative ideas? Keep reading!


You may create an art gallery at your door. Whether its family portraits or some bold art statements, you’re giving your guests a taste of your taste right at the door. This would also be a great opportunity for you to honour your heritage, placing family heirlooms front and center in a home can serve as an immediate conversation starter with guests.


Mix styles and time frames. An antique mirror and a vintage stool beneath a 20th century painting may be the touch of edginess that your home needs to create a statement in your guests mind.


More light is also never a bad idea! Nothing is worse than stepping inside and feeling like your surroundings have become distinctly more dull. An entrance hall that is backed by floor to ceiling windows creates a sense of breeziness and fosters a connection with the outside world.


It’s obvious but hear us out … SPICE UP THE DESIGN OF THE DOOR. You might be inclined to take your front door for granted when it comes to your entryway design, but with a simple coat of paint, watch your space be reborn.


Add stools. What do people like even more than pretiness? Comfiness. By having stools at your door, your guests can comfortably take off their shoes. If storage space is limited in your entryway, opt for stools with hidden storage to covertly stow tote bags, scarves, and the like.


Add mirror walls. It’s no secret that mirrored walls can be a life saver in a small space and entryways are no exception. Mirrors grace the ceilings and walls for a cocoon of reflection


GO BOLD OR GO HOME. Deep yellow or even deep purple, why not fullfill your childhood fantasy of having a colourful home? Imagine this, a deep purple painted foyer with a bright pink rug and a blue couch. This vividly colored foyer will definitely send the message of uniqueness to your guests

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